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January 2003

Make Accessible Parking Count

Two Women Measuring the Width of a Van-Accessible
Parking Space Visitors with disabilities arriving in cars or vans want to proceed from parking space to science center door without hassle. Is that possible at your museum? Have you checked?

The ADA is specific about the location of accessible parking spaces for cars and vans with appropriate license plates or placards, requiring a minimum number and size, aisle space and clearance, and signage in connection to an accessible route. Additionally, you are required to put your accessible parking spaces closest to the accessible building entrance. It is strongly recommended that you enforce policies that ensure that these spaces are used only by patrons who need them. (See ADA Standard 4.6)

ADA Standards for Accessible Design 4. 1.2 (5)
Total Number of Parking Spaces Provided (per lot) Total Minimum Number of Accessible Parking Spaces (60" & 96" aisles) Van-Accessible Parking Spaces with min. 96" wide access aisle Accessible Parking Spaces with min. 60" wide access aisle
1 to 25 Column A
1 0
26 to 50 2 1 1
51 to 75 3 1 2
76 to 100 4 1 3
101 to 150 5 1 4
151 to 200 6 1 5
201 to 300 7 1 6
301 to 400 8 1 7
401 to 500 9 2 7
501 to 1000 2% of total parking provided in each lot 1/8 of Column A* 7/8 of column A**
1001 & over 20 plus 1 for each 100 over 1000 1/8 of Column A* 7/8 of Column A**
*one out of every 8 accessible spaces, but always at least one
*one out of every 8 accessible spaces **7 out of every 8 accessible spaces

Size Spaces for cars must be 8 feet wide plus a 5-foot access aisle. Spaces for lift-equipped vans must be 8 feet wide with minimum of 8-foot wide aisles, and have 98 inches of vertical clearance. Parking Diagram

Location Accessible parking spaces must be located on the shortest accessible route of travel to an accessible entrance and on level ground.

Accessible Route An accessible route must always be provided from accessible parking to the accessible entrance. It must be at least 3-feet wide with no curbs or stairs and have a firm, stable, slip-resistant surface. Its slope should not be greater than 1:12 in the direction of travel.

Illustration of accessible parking signSignage Accessible spaces must be marked with the International Symbol of Accessiblility with spaces for vans marked "Van Accessible."

Enforcement Policy An enforcement procedure should be in place to ensure that accessible parking is used only by those who need them. Example

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