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Cool Moves!: Three-Wheeled Racers
Cool Moves!: Three-Wheeled Racers
Photo courtesy of Rochester Museum & Science Center
Turbulent Orbs
Four globes filled with pearly green fluid display the motion of swirling currents. Visitors can light up the globes by stepping on sensors embedded in the base of the exhibit.

Dancing Wall
By dancing around a giant kiosk, visitors trigger numerous motion detectors, which activate multiple lights and sounds.

Three-Wheeled Racers
Interchangeable rear wheels and a long ramp with an adjustable incline allow visitors to alter the motion of three wooden cars. Which wheel is fastest? Slowest? Wackiest? How does slope affect the results?

Giant Pendulum
Visitors can experiment with chaotic movement as they set a giant magnetic pendulum in motion over a field of magnets. Visitors can change the placement and polarity of the magnets, creating new paths for the pendulum to follow.

Cool Moves!: Giant Pendulum
Cool Moves!: Giant Pendulum
Photo courtesy of Rochester Museum & Science Center

Crazy Pendulums
Two different types of pendulums allow visitors the opportunity to explore the connection between force and motion. By experimenting with the amount force used to start the pendulums, they can observe both predictable and unpredictable movements.

Touchable Tornado
Visitors can use their hands to change the wind speed and direction of a mini-tornado made of swirling, misty water.

Wind over Water
Using air blowers over a tub full of shimmery fluid, visitors can observe the motion of currents created when air blows on water. Toy boats and other objects can be placed in the fluid to see how they are affected by the movement of the currents; visitors can also change the angle of the air blower.

Animals in Motion
A computer kiosk invites visitors to explore the swimming, flying, jumping, and crawling motions of a cheetah, dolphins, owls, and other animals. Using a dial, visitors can then control the speed of the video, observing the movements under both slow and fast speeds; they can also watch the videos in reverse. Video footage donated by the National Geographic Channel.

Swinging Art
Using the movements of two pendulums, visitors can create a piece of art to take home. The paper is connected to one pendulum while another pendulum controls a pen. The dual movements ensure that no two drawings are alike.

Ripple tank
A shallow pool gives visitors the chance to experiment with the movement of ripples. Different shapes can be placed in the tank to create new ripple patterns; the component is lit from above, so visitors can observe the wave patterns on the floor seen as shadows through the bottom of the tank.

Visible Sound Strings
Visitors can experiment with sound as they feel the vibrations and hear the tones produced on a four-string bass. An adjustable strobe light can be projected onto the strings to observe the movement of the vibrations.

Artistry of Motion Video
Visitors can watch moving clouds, a spinning waterwheel, the chaotic tumbling of a waterfall, and a leaping and jumping kangaroo. Accompanying narration describes different types of motion in this beautiful 4-minute video.

Cool Moves!: Wind over Water
Cool Moves!: Wind over Water
Photo courtesy of Rochester Museum & Science Center

Windy Wonders
Visitors can experiment with the fluttering movement of air using a tube that funnels air from a high-powered fan. Visitors can suspend a beach ball in mid-air and connect fittings and fabric wind catchers on the end of the tube to make different patterns of motion.

Air Instrument
Using a Theremin, an electronic instrument, visitors can create music using the motion of their own bodies. The movement of the visitors' hands controls the volume and pitch of the sounds produced by this instrument.

Description Itinerary Walkthrough
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