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Tech City: Dam the Creek
Tech City: Dam the Creek
Photo courtesy Sciencenter
Learn about what engineers do by meeting six different engineers.

Visitors can use an interactive computer program that determines bridge sag, and then test different bridge designs using a model bridge with 0.6-meter beams.

Traffic Jammin'
Using a multimedia program, visitors can change simulated traffic flow by adjusting the traffic-light timing at several intersections.

Dam the Creek
Visitors can learn first-hand at this build-it-yourself gravity dam the trade-offs of cost and risk associated with preventing flooding and generating electricity.

Catch the Wind
Using a visualization system of small air bubbles, visitors can design an environment to protect a concert shell located on a windy lake shore.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Visitors can experiment with different reinforcing rods as they design structures built to withstand earthquake forces. On a shake table, they can test these creations and see for themselves the trade-offs between safety and materials.

Tech City: Separation Station
Tech City: Separation Station
Photo courtesy Sciencenter
Separation Station
This component features a hydraulic system of clear pipes where visitors can experiment with different filters to separate out plastic beads.

Sound Studio
A sound-on-sound system allows visitors to experiment with sound engineering by producing a story using a variety of sound effects.

Design the Plaza
Visitors can experiment with the trade-offs between aesthetics and cost while designing patterns using tiles on a city plaza model.

Tech City Diner
This multimedia program shows how engineering methods can be applied to non-engineering tasks, such as menu design.

Ask an Engineer
Visitors can watch a fast-paced 7-minute video narrated by children that features engineers showing several ways in which they can help society through their work.

Description Itinerary Walkthrough
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